Zeke Elliott Black & Mild Life, Faryn Corey Is Back & In Blue, Plus Tough Times in Knoxville


Ahhh, So Chip & Jo Are Retiring As A New Contract Ploy

From Page Six“Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines claim they are leaving their hit show because they “need to take a breath.” But Page Six TV on Monday reveals it is actually because of HGTV’s “horrible contracts” and the couple is betting on landing a bigger deal with Discovery.

They made a bunch of money for Scripps; Scripps is about to be sold; Chip & Jo want bargaining power so they claim they’re retiring. Look, if your wife is freaking out over these two retiring, she just needs to relax. They’ll eventually have a daytime talk show like Rachel Ray.

Numbers from :

Bears 1st pass play of 30+ this year now belongs to their punter (via Sean McDonough)

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) October 10, 2017

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Ezekiel having Black and Milds in his pocket tonight 😝 pic.twitter.com/4YH27sGpSU

— Kirk Barton (@Kirk_Barton) October 10, 2017



— JimmyToons (@JimmySportToons) October 9, 2017

@bustedcoverage Matt Leinart sighting pic.twitter.com/E90U0tfdpg

— Jesse Moore (@jmoe1015) October 7, 2017

NO THEY DIDNT!!!!! pic.twitter.com/xQ6z9eSgdI

— FSUeyedoc (@FSUeyedoc) October 8, 2017

NFL fashion Week 5: Andy Dalton's hair has officially made the turn to boneless buffalo wings. https://t.co/ZlIiTlBa5p pic.twitter.com/muas6oFXbi

— Tim Ryan (@TheSportsHernia) October 9, 2017

Things are rough in Knoxville, folks… The University is saving $ for Butch's buyout by refusing to change the bulb in the "D" in Neyland. pic.twitter.com/dR9oJvutP3

— The Hot Seat (@hotseatpod) September 30, 2017

🐐 pic.twitter.com/XpZKvqj88N

— Eaton Beaver (@BeaverEaton) October 9, 2017

Kareem Hunt: Second rookie in NFL history with at least 100 yards from scrimmage in 5 straight games to start the season (Adrian Peterson). pic.twitter.com/PiaA8aElRB

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) October 9, 2017

Oh man this kid made a bad choice. #BBB pic.twitter.com/b2rOnyg6Vt

— Ali M. (@AliM_10) October 8, 2017


I am fully convinced that Danielle Hunter has tourniquets under his pads. Most vascular guy in the game pic.twitter.com/btyzPyLuaB

— Jake Roskam (@jroskam10) October 10, 2017

Sonic guy at the Rams game:
“Give us the Clippers”
👍 pic.twitter.com/Sq50ESL0iD

— Longfellow Deeds (@warhawker12) October 9, 2017

Saw this Belichick shirt while watching the #RedSox #ALDS game and now I want it #LetsParty #WinAdvanceRepeat pic.twitter.com/e1TaYOfNcW

— Garrett Schick (@schickman) October 9, 2017

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