Jets Tailgate Burns A Blake Bortles Jersey At The Stake


It's lit

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All week we’ve been seeing NFL fans across the country burn jerseys because they were officially DONE with the NFL and the protests. Say what you want about those people, but they were never true NFL fans.

The true fans are these people. People who can not only handle a little protesting (even if they totally hate it, see below) but also have to suffer through another shitty Jets year and still show up to tailgate at Metlife.

And then on top of all that, they’re still confident enough in their team that they burn the jersey of other team’s QB in the parking lot, as they’ve been known to do before.

Jets fans may be a sad, lowly bunch, but you can’t deny the passion.

You think Jets fans will be standing today?


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You are entitled to believe what you want. But I will always stand. #usa

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