Troy Player Grabs His Nuts, Flips Double Bird To The LSU Crowd After The Upset Win


I think it’s fair to say that we’re seeing the beginning of the end for Coach O at LSU. LSU isn’t a program that loses to Troy and they’re DEFINITELY not a program that loses to Troy at home after paying them somewhere around a million dollars to come to Death Valley.

And then to top all of that off, you have Troy players like this guy just dancing all over the Tiger’s grave. It’s different when Alabama comes to town and wins, but when you have Joe Blow on Troy putting his nuts in your face and giving the one-finger salute to the crowd, you have a big problem.

But guess what? If you come to Death Valley at night and upset LSU, I say you can do this all you want.


Side note: There’s a zero percent chance Les Miles loses that game

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