Lane Kiffin Wants To Win His Own Cardboard Cutout So He Can Send It To Nick Saban

You wanted it now you're getting it. Like, reply, and retweet for a chance to win this Lane Kiffin cut out. 👌

— #AtlanticRising (@FAUAthletics) September 27, 2017

Two days ago, FAU tweeted out this giveaway where fans got an opportunity to win a Lane Kiffin cardboard cutout. I couldn’t think of a better promotional tactic myself. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a Lane Kiffin cutout?

Later that day, Lane hopped on the Twitter machine and asked a very important question: could he win it himself?

Can I win? Lol

— Lane Kiffin (@Lane_Kiffin) September 27, 2017

We’ve still yet to hear an answer, but we do know what Lane would do with a cardboard version of himself if he actually could win. He would send right over to his old buddy Nick Saban so, according to Lane, “he can have a memory of me every day.”

What would @Lane_Kiffin do with a Lane Kiffin cut out?

"Sign it and send it to Coach Saban"

(Photo credit: @FAUAthletics)

— ESPNU Radio on SXM (@ESPNUonSiriusXM) September 28, 2017

And just like that cocky Lane Kiffin is back. Something tells me Saban would do horrible, horrible things that piece of cardboard.