Lane Kiffin Wants To Win His Own Cardboard Cutout So He Can Send It To Nick Saban


Two days ago, FAU tweeted out this giveaway where fans got an opportunity to win a Lane Kiffin cardboard cutout. I couldn’t think of a better promotional tactic myself. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a Lane Kiffin cutout?

Later that day, Lane hopped on the Twitter machine and asked a very important question: could he win it himself?

We’ve still yet to hear an answer, but we do know what Lane would do with a cardboard version of himself if he actually could win. He would send right over to his old buddy Nick Saban so, according to Lane, “he can have a memory of me every day.”

And just like that cocky Lane Kiffin is back. Something tells me Saban would do horrible, horrible things that piece of cardboard.

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