Nicki Minaj Gets Crazy On IG, Mooch Vs. Wife WAR & Jeopardy Nerds Fail Sports – Again

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Definitely peaked last night

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Baseball gets two nights a week this time of  year to shine…tonight it’s Cubs-Cardinals on ESPN. I hear the Cubs are about to clinch which means I probably won’t spend money to catch a Cubs game this weekend against the Reds. You’ll also get the WNBA Finals on ESPN2. Cool Twitter will fake care about that.

Nicki Minaj went a little nuts last night on IG

The Mooch & his hot soon to be ex-wife are headed to WAR

Jeopardy nerds fail in sports category – AGAIN

Addison Russell takes out Cardinals fan’s nachos, does this

This Kentucky Wildcats fan stole $1,700 in vacuums, police say

Weirdo Ohio Man rents truck, drives to NYC to stalk this Fox News woman

Florida Man built this custom Radio Flyer…and this thing is street legal!

Here’s Hanne from Arizona State

Family Feud Answer of the Year

Last night on the Feud: Name a body part on your husband you wish wasn't so hairy (from @Gambo1111)

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 26, 2017

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