Reporter Asks Hoodie Melo About Coming Off the Bench, Hoodie Melo Laughs in His Face

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Carmelo Anthony is headed into this upcoming NBA season like Tom Brady after his Deflategate suspension: ready to raise hell and remind everyone who’s been sh—tting on him the past few years that he’s still a superstar. Will he do it? No idea, but he has this wonderful Hoodie Melo alter ego now and I’m absolutely on the vintage 28 points and 7 rebounds season bandwagon.
One reporter, however, had other ideas when he asked Hoodie Melo about playing power forward and the possibility of coming off the bench:

An undoubtedly warranted reaction. Come on, bro. Hoodie Melo didn’t waive his NTC for the Thunder so he can come off the pine to relieve Andre Roberson or Alex Abrines.

Thunder fans were out in full force for Melo’s arrival on Sunday:

Chandler Parsons Superfan Desperately Wants the D
Chandler Parsons Superfan Desperately Wants the D