Chandler Parsons Superfan Desperately Wants the D

You guys know the drill when it comes to Chandler Parsons updates: he’s thirsting on IG or hanging out with 10s, with some Blake Griffin bro action mixed in. But Chandler turned the tables a bit today and channeled his inner Mia Khalifa by blowing up a fan’s advances on Instagram.

If you’ve ever wondered what the DMs of a dashion millionaire NBA player look like, Chan Dog has come through in the clutch:


I’m guessing there’s like 50 variations of this in Chan Dog’s inboxes. As for that account he outed, it’s loaded with gym and beauty posts… and random declarations of love, of course:

Even her Facebook account has a banner of him — he might want to avoid getting action from this one:

Now seems like an appropriate time for this pic:

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