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The Raiders want their Vegas stadium to be “family friendly”

So it looks like everything that’s great about Raiders fans and The Black Hole is going to be eliminated when the team moves to Vegas. Management says they want a “family friendly” environment, which I’m assuming means cutting back on the parking lot fights and the pure debauchery that goes on before Raider games.


“But we want the stadium to be not only a safe environment, but we want it to be perceived as a family-friendly environment,” Webb said. “So I think there will be some changes, frankly, to the fan base when the team moves to Las Vegas and the method of operating the stadium. I think I’ll leave it there, but the team ownership and team management is very keen on projecting the right image when this team comes to Las Vegas.”

I guess we have to enjoy these last few years of mannequin bong shots and parking lot melees while we can.

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