2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Live From Times Square

I’m still not exactly sure why ESPN chose to have this show in NYC, right in the middle of Times Square, which is basically the total opposite of a college atmosphere. I get that there’s not a definitive marquee game on the slate tonight, but I’m not buying that excuse. They have weeks like this every year and that’s why we see the show go to Fargo or Kalamazoo or some other random ass school that’s actually a college campus.
If you don’t want to do that, then just go to the SEC, you can’t go wrong there. Pick any of those towns and you’ll be fine. I’m here to see a giant crowd of drunk college kids with clever signs, not drunk Elmo and that Naked Cowboy.
GameDay pick: I’ll pick the best matchup of the day and go Mississippi State +4.5 vs UGA
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2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Clemson At Louisville
2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Clemson At Louisville