2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Clemson At Louisville

We’re getting basically 3 marquee games today for Week 3 and thank Christ they aren’t all on at the same time, so you don’t have worry about setting up 4 different devices at once like last weekend.
Florida-Tennessee is the 3:30 CBS game which was the GameDay destination last year for week 3. At 8, you have the big one – Clemson at Louisville. If its anywhere as good as last year, we’ll be just fine. And then USC-Texas is at 8:30 on Fox, which isn’t actually a great football game, but it’s the first time these two have played since the Vince Young National Title game.
In between those is a pretty good slate with some decent conference matchups. Should be an entertaining day.

GameDay pick: Clemson -3

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2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Oklahoma At Ohio State
2017 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Oklahoma At Ohio State
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