Big Baller Brand Redesigned the ZO2 Primes and They're Actually Not Terrible

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When Big Baller Brand unveiled Lonzo Ball’s “ZO2 Prime” sneaker back in May the first thought that popped into everyone’s minds was, “Those look like something restaurant workers would wear.” Factor in the $495 price tag on them and you had everyone losing their damn minds over sneakers they were never going to purchase in the first place.

But it looks like LaVar, Lonzo, and the BBB team have been hard at work over the past few months as they dropped a redesign of the ZO2s that should get the Big Ballers out there super excited. Seriously, look at the pics — they’re no longer some weird mix of knockoff Kobe’s and restaurant shoes.
Details from SLAMonline:

Those who already pre-ordered the original ZO2 Primes can expect this “remix” version to still arrive by the original November shipping date. The Showtime edition and the “Independence Day” colorways will also be converted into this new silhouette and shipping dates for pre-orders of those will also remain the same. There is a refund option for those who pre-ordered the original ZO2 shoe and would rather not receive the newer version.
The shoe itself features a carbon fiber heel cap, while the upper has a three-texture combination— haptic 3D printing in the high abrasion areas, monofilament rip-stop mesh that originate from the “America’s Cup” racing yachts, and a semi-sock construction fabric that leads in to the tongue to provide support and a snug fit.

Some good things from BBB here. The shoe looks better and those special souls who dropped $495 on the crappy looking initial version are getting these upgraded ones instead.
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Lonzo selling Lakers fans on the “lightest basketball shoes ever made”:

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