Introducing Alica Schmidt…A World's Hottest Track Athlete Contender

Since we’re not some snowflake sports blog, we’ll gladly introduce you to German national team sprinter Alica Schmidt, 18, who automatically goes to the top of our “World’s Hottest Track Athlete” list with Tay Clark from Australia and these two are now in a dogfight for world domination. We’re not the least bit worried about Sports Twitter Feminists coming after us. Come at me, bros.
What do we know about Alica? Not a ton.
• Sponsored by Puma
• Turns 19 in November
• Competes in 200, 400 & 800
• Snap: alica08
Here she is winning some race…proof she actually competes

[HT:@WynHere – lead BC content spotter]

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'Jeopardy's' Meme Category Included Crying Jordan
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