World's Hottest Triple Jumper Tay Clark Had A Weekend, Chipper Jones Checks In & That's Not The Right U.S. Open

I was right

Go back and look at this headline I wrote five days ago. “Looks Like It’s Going To Take -16 to -18 To Win The U.S. Open.” Did you notice what Brooks Koepka shot to win the trophy? Yeah, -16. It didn’t end up being a challenge. The tall fescue didn’t come into play like USGA officials would’ve liked. We want to see these guys crumble by No. 9 and struggle to survive by No. 18. It didn’t happen and we’re left with a leaderboard battling it out like it’s some random PGA event in Kansas during the middle of July where Jim Nantz is making me sleepy after a long day in the pool.
You know what the biggest news of the weekend had to be? Holly Sonders appears to be divorced/separated/single again.

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Holly Sonders Stealing the Show at the US Open
Holly Sonders Stealing the Show at the US Open