And You Guys Wonder Why I Don't Watch The NBA Until Late May/June…Kevin Durant Just Made My Case

I’ve been trashed time after time after time for my stance that the NBA is worthless until late May/early June. Some of you will claim that some NBA matchup during Christmas week is a must-see. And then the world forgets the game was played an hour after it was played and life goes on. Then we get the predetermined Cavs-Warriors Finals.
I’m told it’s the greatest soap opera on TV.
I’m told that real sports fans love the NBA. I’m told that I have to connect with millennials and millennials love the NBA so I have to watch the NBA. I’m told that I have to care about the NBA in November because Brands care about the NBA. It’s just constant rattling on about how great the NBA is and how exciting it is to watch guys who are creating — and then forgetting to switch to — burner Twitter accounts.
And we’re talking about a guy who has made $135,209,018 and he’s just 28. So much f-you money, yet it can’t erase the need to settle high school battles.
The guy clearly doesn’t have hobbies because he’s still out here arguing with 17-year-old nerds over leaving OKC. He’s in so many petty Twitter beefs that I stopped paying attention. Remember KD arguing with a chick over whether he likes ladies farting in his face? That was just back in June, days after winning that elusive ring.

Clearly Durant is an emotionally vulnerable cat. He’s so vulnerable that he needed a burner account to be honest with people over why he left the Thunder.
Let’s cut to the chase here and bullet point KD’s feelings:

• I left the team because I didn’t like the organization
• I left because I didn’t like Billy Donovan
• I left because the team was loaded with scrubs
• I left because I couldn’t win a title with Russ and I wasn’t going to let Russ leave me with that team so I beat him to the punch

Now, that wasn’t too hard. Didn’t trash the fans. Didn’t trash the city. Didn’t trash his time there. He didn’t like the work environment. Been there, bro. There’s zero problem saying that. We’re all free agents to companies who don’t give two shits about us. The Thunder’s job was to make the owner as much money as they could possibly make. KD’s job is to be happy, whether that’s riding Steph Curry’s dick to a title or pulling a Ricky Williams and smoking weed around the world. Choose your own path.
The problem here is how petty this all is. The good news is that we’ll have a solid storyline in April when the Thunder and Warriors meet up for a 4-game sweep that NBA nerds will tell me is going to be an incredible series.
The NBA stays petty. Nothing really new to see here.

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