Deshaun Watson Ethers A Louisville GameDay Sign With One Tweet

As you all know, Lamar Jackson won the Heisman last year. Coming into this season, it seemed as if a lot of the national media was overlooking Lamar as a 2017 Heisman candidate probably because they limped to the finish line HARD last year.

Deshaun Watson was also a Heisman finalist in 2016 and lost to Jackson, so naturally, there were going to be a lot of signs this morning behind the GameDay set noting that. It makes sense, your QB beat out their QB for the most prestigious individual award in sports.

The only problem is that Clemson won the national title last year. I mentioned this yesterday:

It’s tough to make Heisman jokes when the team you’re making fun of won the title by beating Bama, of all teams. So when Deshaun Watson sees that GameDay sign at the top of the post this morning, all he needs is one tweet to shut everybody up:

Game, set, match, folks.

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