Brawl Breaks Out After High School Football Game, Cop Shuts It Down By Pepper Spraying Everyone

Here’s one way to shut down a post-game high school football brawl: just walk over calmly and empty a can of pepper spray on the crowd.
You’ve seen these high school fights before, they happen all the time. You could wake up on any given Saturday morning in the Fall and find a video of high school teams going at it. What I bet you haven’t seen, though, is this pepper spray technique. Old buddy in blue shut that thing down with the QUICKNESS.
Details from the Review-Journal:

Clark County School District police used pepper spray to break up a fight on the field between Canyon Springs and Basic football players after the Pioneers’ 20-15 victory over the Wolves on Friday night at Basic High School.
The brunt of the spray was directed toward a group of Canyon Springs players and coaches, though at least one Basic staffer was targeted.
Several Pioneers, including coach Gus McNair, screamed in pain as they walked back to their sideline. McNair’s prepubescent son also was hit with pepper spray and cried for several minutes.

Now, maybe he could’ve tried a little harder to break it up before he decided to burn everybody’s eyeballs. The fight had barely gotten going at that point, but you can’t deny the effectiveness. Expect to see this method used more often.

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