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NFL Playoff Probabilities is back!

You guys love NFL playoff probabilities because nothing carries you through life in the fall like thinking your team will be getting stomped on Wild Card weekend so let’s get to the probabilities after Week 1.
The CTEelers are your early Super Bowl champion probability leaders with 7%. Next best probability….JACKSONVILLE! Don’t get too excited, but the Jags have a 62% probability of making the playoffs. I know, it’s going to implode, but that’s what the computers are predicting right now. Next up…the Bills at 55% probability of making it, something that hasn’t happened since 1999. Remember, this is based on remaining schedule. Your early NFC leader is the Rams with a 56% probability of making it into the playoffs. What about the Patriots? Just a 22% probability of making it into Wild Card weekend.
So get excited. Get those playoff tickets. Start saving up now.

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Drunk Bills Fans, Lit Browns Fans & Aaron Hernandez Plays Some Sunday Golf
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