I’m Sure It Was Just A Coincidence Roethlisberger Wore His Findlay, Ohio Shirt In Cleveland

All it took was a Findlay, Ohio t-shirt maker to create a F7NDLAY shirt and Hancock County, Ohio to induct him into some unknown county sports hall of fame and Ben Roethlisberger was suddenly back in love with his hometown, the one he disowned to the point where he changed his hometown to a fake Ohio town that doesn’t actually exist. Seriously.

And of course Roethlisberger debuted the F7NDLAY shirt Sunday at the postgame press conference after beating a Northwest Ohio quarterback, DeShone Kizer, who is now the darling of NW Ohioans who see Kizer as a guy who takes pride in his roots. Kizer will wear Toledo Mud Hens gear. Kizer’s all over NW Ohio media being lauded for getting a starting job while Roethlisberger’s hometown watches it on their local news.

I’m sure it was all a coincidence on Sunday, because after all, Big Ben’s not a huge bitch. No way he thought about facing a local NW Ohio QB and wanting to make a statement. Zero chance. Total coincidence. Of course he loves his hometown.

Let’s go back to 2010:

The quarterback enthusiastically called Findlay home since the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him in 2004. But he has made a revision.

His hometown is now listed as Cory Rawson, Ohio, in the Steelers’ media guide and all of their rosters, at Roethlisberger’s request.

That town doesn’t exist. Long story short, Big Baby got mad at Findlay locals because they supposedly said some nasty things about him after rape allegations in Georgia. So to destroy them, he changed his hometown to Cory Rawson in the Steelers media guide and didn’t change it back to Findlay until this summer.

Suddenly this guy is all about NW Ohio football. Even said it at the 1:00 mark.

And now Big Ben has a hometown shirt to wear and show off how damn proud he is of a place he couldn’t stand all those years. And now you can get yours for only $20.

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