Bills Fan Couple Gets Married In The New Era Field Parking Lot

The NFL is BACK and love is in the air in Buffalo. It’s a week 1 home game and you might’ve been expecting some drunken debauchery with people smashing through tables (that’ll come later today), but instead, we have the most romantic wedding Buffalo has ever seen.
That’s right, two Bills fans got hitched this morning right in the middle of the tailgate parking lot. Probably right between some guy shotgunning a Four Loko and another couple having sex behind the port-o-potties.

This is what Buffalo tailgates are all about. Drinking, destroying property, and true love. Nobody does it better than them.
Side note: I love the fact that they got a ref to literally “officiate” their wedding. Genius.

The couple’s story was featured on the local news earlier this week

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