Vince Wilfork Is The Man – Again

Vince Wilfork was scheduled to be in New England Thursday night for a special retirement event. After 11 seasons in New England and two in Houston, Vince called it a career over the summer. Then we didn’t hear much from Vince. I’ll assume he was enjoying some time away from the normal football life grind.
And then Hurricane Harvey hit.
Now Vince is canceling his big event in Foxboro to help people in Houston.
Vince Wilfork’s IG message to Houstonians:

Just wanna thx all the people that made this possible. 3,250 plates of hot food we gave to families that was hit hard with this hurricane. Thanks to HEB for putting coming out and walking door to door with me and for also help contribute to the $75 dollar gift cards as well. Thank you to Sam’s Club and the manager Matt and his family for donating and coming out walking door to door with me. Thank you to Killens BBQ, Manny and Daniel and staff for the help.
One thing for sure, Manny you know how to work that pit and Daniel the baking always on point. To Gatlin BBQ – omg when u talk about being clutch! I have them order on short notice (2 days) Already chaos everywhere in Houston and to drive to Bryan, pick the ribs and chicken up bring back and cook 50 cases of St. Louis ribs and who knows how many cases of chicken and on top of ur staff not sleeping, some traveling back n forth to pearland without no sleep.
I can’t thx u enough for making this happen. Without u guys, I wouldn’t have had the plates I wanted, I’m speechless. I will be coming back for plenty more trust and believe that Greg! To everyone else personal friends and family and fans that donated, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no clue how many tears and smile you put on these families faces thru this devastating point in there lives. Thank you!!
I wanna give a shoutout to the Houston Police DEPT Northeast Division (Capt. Weatherly) for the help all the help and the officers that put in the man hours as well with me. Much love and respect.

Those of you who’ve been around the last few years know that we’re huge Vince fans because he lives so normal compared to most of these football guys. And he documents the fun stuff like fishing in a variety of locales.
Now the guy who seems to have a huge heart is handing out grocery cards, meals and a friendly smile to those who love the big guy who still cares about them.


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