Looks Like Vince Wilfork is Having Another Fun Offseason

With the NFL offseason in full swing, now seems like the perfect time to check in our favorite veteran defensive tackle, Vince Wilfork. Now, you guys probably remember Vince and his wife, Bianca, doing their thing in Florida last year. Fishing, swimming in the ocean, karaoke — you know, the typical crap.

This offseason, however, Bianca has captured a blue-collar version of Vince rocking overalls and doing some work on his tractor:
[protected-iframe id=”fd0b9b33882eb4b281be360f358e06b6-22577676-53282995″ info=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BCjlAI1I13C/embed/” width=”500″ height=”580″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]
Vince has also taken to Twitter to seek out someone who can paint his barbecue grill:

You guys may remember that Vince splurged on this Pitmaker grill back in August:

Vince goes old school to wash his clothes:

[protected-iframe id=”92e9517d00fb451436f2a31abc058d28-22577676-53282995″ info=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BDDk5bCI14l/embed/” width=”500″ height=”580″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

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