My Guy Tommy Lasorda Is Back To Hitting On Women

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My guy Tommy Lasorda has had a quiet summer of 2017 thanks to a health scare. He spent part of May in the hospital to get a replacement pacemaker and seems to have lost a step, which, at 89, is completely understandable. I had to come to terms that the Tommy that we’ve come to fall in love with over the last 3-4 years or so might fade into life retirement and stop with couch dances, the beers and chasing the ladies.
Then my faith in Tommy was restored over the weekend when this IG dropped announcing that Tommy was still on the prowl.
He recently told IGerĀ @missespnĀ :

“I finally found someone who fits nicely into my arms.”

TOMMY’S BACK! Just like that — 10 words and the legend announces he’s not going anywhere. And I know this is definitely a recent pic because Tommy’s been rocking the cast for like the last month or so.


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