Florida And Michigan Fans Have The First CFB Fight Of 2017

FIGHT! pic.twitter.com/C5fUzKDkiu

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 3, 2017

Most years in college football, I feel like we have to wait at least until conference play kicks off before we start seeing these die-hards pick fights with each other in the stands. These opening weekend, neutral site games usually lead to nothing when it comes to drunk fans causing mischief. You need that inter-conference hate boiling up to get some action.

And not only that, it’s well known how much the NFL dominates college football fans when it comes to fighting. I’d say we¬†see on average about 2-3 fights almost every NFL Sunday. College football fans don’t even come close to that.

But Florida and Michigan fans broke the mold this year when that Florida fan lady picked a fight with a Michigan fan, only for her husband to come in and save the day. It’s not the greatest fight in the world, it’s not the Alabama mom trying to murder some Oklahoma students, but it’s setting the tone early for what could be a good year of college football fan fight videos.

If anyone deserved to be punched, it was this guy

Florida Fan: Was the field goal good?
Michigan Fan:#MICHvsUF pic.twitter.com/okKkLVJwhg

— Jordan Tomiyama (@Jttomiyama) September 2, 2017