Rutgers' Student Section Jacuzzi Wasn't Exactly The Party We Were Expecting

A couple of weeks ago, Rutgers came out and announced that at their home opener, they would be putting a jacuzzi in the student section. At the time, I called this a genius idea for a couple simple reasons. 1. There’s nothing college kids love more than partying at pools/jacuzzis and 2. Nobody gives a shit about Rutgers football, so this was a good idea to actually get students to the game.
Let’s just say it didn’t work.

I was expecting this thing to wild and packed to the brim. I’m talking bumping elbows and nuts to butts. Then I flip over to FS1 last night and they do a live look-in to exactly three people enjoying the hot tub.
I guess I expected it to be juuuuust a little bit crazier than this:

At least they had a lifeguard there to monitor things


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