The Tom Herman Texas Era Is Off To A Hot Start — Fans Threw Trash On The Field During The Loss The Maryland

Tom Herman was brought in and given that fat contract to bring the Longhorns BACK to their glory days. Not only are they not back, they’re basically at the same spot as last year — with fans pissed off and throwing shit on to the field.
That came after the loss to Maryland earlier this afternoon. Pretty much as soon as the game kicked off people got to cracking jokes on Twitter. It was totally warranted, too. There were almost too many embarrassing highlights to count in the first half. We’ll get to that in a minute.
But then Texas rallied back a bit before eventually falling 51-41. Remember, this was at home as 18.5 point favorites. And then they gave up 51 points. That prompted those red blooded Texas fans to do this:

Texas is actually NOT back… yet

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