I'm Trying To Figure Out If This Guy Who Took A Leak On Beer Is A Browns Or Steelers Fan

Just a day or so after we told you guys about the Steelers fan taking a leak on the Halloween candy in a storage room at a Toledo Kohl’s, we get this old timer taking a leak on beer at a Northern Ohio convenience store.
Here’s the part of this story I can’t seem to lockdown: Is this beer leaker a Steelers or Browns fan? It’s one of those two teams. Just look at the guy. Multiple screws loose. Can’t tell where the bathroom is. Bombed out of his mind. Definitely a football fan. Definitely a fan of one of those teams.
From the Morning Journal:

Elyria police arrested a 65-year-old Elyria man after they say he urinated in a beer cooler at a local convenience store Aug. 23.
According to an Elyria police report, Eddie Herman is facing charges of public indecency and disorderly conduct.
At 5 p.m., officers were called to Fourth Street and East River for a possible OVI.

Looks innocent.

Do you know this Eddie Herman bro? Have proof that he’s a Browns or Steelers fan? Let me know:
[email protected]

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