Steelers Fan Ohio Man Arrested For Taking A Leak On Halloween Candy At Kohl's

Here I had no idea that Halloween candy has already been shipped to places like Kohl’s in Toledo, Ohio. I’m buying that stuff from Costco like two days before the kids hit up BC HQ for candy bars. I knew that Costco sells Christmas stuff in August because they’re always 2-3 months ahead of everyone else.
I can buy chlorine for the pool at Costco in early March. It’s nuts. Then that stuff just sits in the garage for like 8 weeks until it’s nice enough to open the pool.
Anyway, here we have Steelers fan Christopher Burks taking a leak on the Kohl’s Halloween candy for some weird reason. I’d like to know if this was premeditated. Did Burks scope out the candy? Does he have some sort of anger towards Halloween candy? It’s a local story, I might have to get someone from the force on the phone.
From WTOL:

Police arrested a man Monday they say urinated on Halloween candy at a Toledo department store.
According to Toledo police, Christopher Burks, 48, entered an ’employees only’ storage at Kohl’s on  Monroe Street. After entering the room, police say Burks urinated over Halloween candy stored inside.
Police say more than $600 of the candy was destroyed.
Police arrested Burks an arrested him on charges of criminal damaging or endangering property.

$600 in candy destroyed! Old boy took one helluva leak. Must’ve been across the street at Hooters doing some damage, got all confused and somehow ended up on the other side of the street at Kohl’s where he began looking for the restroom and took a wrong turn.
One thing leads to another and you’re taking a leak on Halloween candy. It happens, I suppose.

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