Taylor Swift’s Terrible New Song Is Supposed To Get Us Hype For Bama-FSU


You ready to get pumped for the return of college football next Saturday? You want to see a hype video that’ll get the juices flowing and remind you that our long national nightmare of no football is almost over? Well, nothing says prime time Bama-FSU football quite like a little Taylor Swift.

You want to know why people think the downfall of ESPN is real? Because they put out shit like this in the middle of the night and expect us to just roll with it. Not on our watch.

Naturally, college football fans are losing their minds over this. Normally, you could put any hype video in front of my face and I’ll be ready to run through a brick wall by the time it’s over. College football hype videos never fail to disappoint.

And if you told me yesterday that ESPN planned on dropping a college football hype video featuring some T-Swift, I actually wouldn’t judge it right away. I can get down with some Taylor because she’s been known to drop fire from time to time. But this song is just pure, unadulterated trash and it actually gets me negative hyped for this game.

So, tough week for ESPN. They’ve been just getting dragged left and right by the internet.

The reactions were how you’d expect

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