The Vikings Are Recruiting Olivia Munn To Be A Fan Now That Rodgers Is Out Of The Picture

Olivia Munn is officially a free agent fan now that her and Aaron Rodgers are donezo. Rodgers has moved on to his new soccer playing girlfriend and Munn is out doing her thing shooting movies, so the Packers are now off the radar and she’s lacking a team for the upcoming NFL season.

This was a prime opportunity for a team to swoop in a recruit a celebrity fan. One of the new LA teams could’ve had their chance. They could’ve given Olivia some box seats and made sure to pan over to her a few times a game, but in perfect fashion, the rival Vikings come in and stake their claim.
It started with this photo of Olivia with Nick Swardson, who are currently filming a movie together. Swardson is a big time Vikings fan and he initiated the recruiting process.

He obviously couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take shots to Rodgers’ dome. Then enters the Vikings official Twitter account, who decided they want to get in on the trolling and actually invited Olivia to some games this year.

And I think I know the perfect one:


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