Afternoon BaseBrawl! Miguel Cabrera And Austin Romine Throw Down, Benches Clear
LET’S GOOOOO. This is what I’m talking about. This is what we need from a little afternoon August baseball. Nothing is going on right now, the world is just fiending for football, we’re all trying to just get through this next week and a half, and then Miguel Cabrera comes out of nowhere on a Thursday afternoon to give everybody a little entertainment.

In the past, I’ve shit all over basebrawls¬†because they deserve it. They never amount to anything and it’s just jawing and people getting held back. But THIS is a basebrawl. I’m talking haymakers everywhere, dog piles, dudes on a dead sprint from the bullpen. It’s just fantastic.
Round of applause for the Tigers and Yankees.

We have more clips from people at the game


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