Philly Fan's Obituary Asks For 8 Eagles Players To "Let Him Down One Last Time" As Pallbearers

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I feel like every few months or so, we’ll see an obituary go viral and I feel like this is the next one. Eagles fan, Jeffrey Reigel, who lived out his whole life without seeing a Super Bowl win (and only 2 appearances), who suffered through countless dissapointing seasons and endured Andy Reid’s egregious clock management, used his last dying wish to shit all over the team.
How did he do it? Well, he specfically asked for 8 Eagles players to show u to his funeral and let him down one more time.
From his obituary via the Wimberg Funeral Home:

God gave Jeffrey the miracle of time to prepare which allowed him to verbalize his last wishes. He requested to have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as pall bearers so the Eagles can let him down one last time.

Obivously, we’ve all heard this sports joke before, but it’ll never get old. Anybody who uses their dying breath to take shots at their shitty team is a winner in my book. Jeffrey had to deal with cancer, meanwhile in the 56 years he was on Earth the Eagles couldn’t win one goddamn Super Bowl, so of course he’s taking shots.
At least he got to see them pull out a W last week in a preseason game (via

As cancer was getting the best of him, Riegel watched his Birds beat the Buffalo Bills, 20-16, last Thursday in their second preseason game.
Riegel, a 1978 graduate of Mainland High School and longtime member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 351, died early the next day, his wife said.
“He got to see them go out on a win,” his wife said, suggesting that may have been what he needed to make peace with death. He enjoyed the team in many ways, including having his picture taken with two cheerleaders — with Riegel smiling wide beneath the brim of his tan cap.

Remember the Browns fan who did this a few years back?


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