Steelers Fan Grandma Gets Her Ass Kicked By Granddaughter For Steelers Game Volume

What the hell is wrong with you savages? Why are you (allegedly) kicking Steelers grandma’s ass for listening to a preseason game on an August afternoon? And why is the granddaughter allowed to pretty much knock the shit out of grandma and then shave her head? Delores Amorino, above, is supposed to be the 40-year-old adult showing her daughter the right way in life and then she’s out here stomping on grandma’s foot.
And this is after grandma locked herself in her room.
From TribLive:

“The victim was unhappy with the volume of the TV after the defendants turned the volume low, so the victim locked herself in the bedroom and turned on her radio. The defendants broke the door jam, entered the victim’s room saying, “you don’t need to listen to the game’,” and began abusing her,” Smith said in the affidavit of probable cause.

Smith alleges that the victim told him in an interview that the teenager struck her in the face with a red metal handled broom “causing bruising and a fat lip,” and had her arm twisted by Delores M. Amorino “causing severe bruising and swelling in the left forearm.”

It gets worse:

“Sarah Amorino shaved the victim’s head using sissors and a shaver … also choked the victim using her bare hands injuring the victim’s neck,” Smith wrote in the affidavit.

The younger Amorino then tied a scarf around the neck of the victim “choking her at first, then she attempted to pulle the victim up by the scarf wrapped around the neck saying ‘come here puppy’,” Smith reported in the affidavit of probable cause.


I’m pretty sure I found grandma and granddaughter on Facebook and let’s just say — if it’s them — these people were whacked out before Sunday’s incident. If it’s the same people, it appears as if they’re all Steelers fans. I’ll need to set a Google News alert for these characters because I feel like there’s going to be more to this story.
At least the Steelers got the win for grandma:

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