Mitch Vingle Is My Favorite AP Voter, Has Notre Dame #3 In Preseason Poll

I’m officially a Mitch Vingle guy. Ride or die with Vingle. Not because Mitch Vingle is clearly a Notre Dame guy’s guy. I could not care less about Notre Dame. Boring gameday experience, always playing at 5:30 on a rainy day in October….white guys wearing Irish sweatshirts, jeans and New Balance dad Js.

You guys know I love chaos because it’s great for business. Mitch Vingle from the Charleston Gazette is good for business and I’m officially announcing that I’ll be sweating Mitch throughout this season because of his AP vote. He causes chaos and fans lose their minds over Mitch’s ballot.

Take the ballot he turned in this week featuring Notre Dame at #3 and Florida State at #7. INSTANT FUCCING CHAOS! 

But this is Mitch being Mitch. He’s ride or die with Notre Dame. Look at his previous preseason poll ballots.

2016 preseason ballot:

2015 preseason ballot:

Of course those two ballots are nothing like the one he turned in this week in a poll where 50 voters didn’t have Notre Dame in the Top 25. The thing is, Mitch has thought this through. He loves to throw out the word “potential” when it comes to his preseason poll and I love ever minute of it.

Here’s what Mitch told a Penn State website about voting the Nittany Lions #14:

I try to do my own research. I don’t rely on magazines, etc., which I believe many do. I try to chart the teams with the most high-level talent. I don’t try to look into a crystal ball and predict outcomes. I rank the best talent in my mind from top to No. 25. Then whatever happens happens. We’ll then rank on what teams EARN.

Potential, baby!

Tons of talent. Saw USA Today picking to finish 9-3. It's all on Kelly to make sure potential reached. Preseason polls are about potential.

— Mitch Vingle (@MitchVingle) August 21, 2017

More tidbits that I love from my research into Mitch’s chaos ballots:

• He didn’t have Houston ranked on his 2016 preseason ballot after coming off a 13-1 2015 season and a win over Florida State in the Peach Bowl

• A week into the 2016 season, Mitch had the Cougars ranked #5! From not ranked to #5! That’s Mitch being Mitch, baby! The Mitch effect!!

• He had Penn State #6 in his final 2016 poll; the Nittany Lions start this season #14 in Mitch’s ballot with the stud QB & RB returning

• Has Florida ranked #9 in his 2017 preseason ballot; Malik Zaire is probably going to be the starter. He got to Gainesville in June

• Mitch doesn’t think much of USC — has them 11th.


We’re officially Team Mitch. I’ll be checking in with Mitch and his ballot throughout the season. I’m begging him to keep the chaos going. College football is much better when there’s an enemy. Fans want to go off on a meaningless ballot and Mitch is there to play the heel role.