Nick Saban Doesn’t Give A Shit About Your Solar Eclipse

Nick Saban is NOT excited about the #SolarEclipse on Monday
(Video courtesy of TideTV)#Bama #SEC

— Brooks Carter (@BrooksACarter) August 20, 2017

Here’s some breaking news for your Sunday morning…Nick Saban could give two shits about the solar eclipse that will occur tomorrow afternoon. I know, shocking. Normally, I feel kind of bad for these Bama reporters because they never know when they’re walking into the buzzsaw that is angry Nick Saban. But when there are two weeks before kickoff weekend and you’re using that media time to ask him about some scientific phenomenon, you better expect an answer like that.

While other schools are canceling practice and worrying about how they’re going to watch the eclipse, Saban already knows what the thing looks like because he watches The Weather Channel every morning. He’s two steps ahead already.

So he’s just going to watch it on TV, in between film sessions and his second oatmeal cream pie. Basically the same experience.

Saban is already in mid-season form

This was from earlier this week

why do we even practice? why do we have games?? come on guys Saban would like to know

— Grace Remington (@Grace_Remi) August 16, 2017