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You can visit an O.J. Simpson art exhibit in Los Angeles

O.J. gets out of prison in October, but if you can’t wait that long for your O.J. fix, I know the perfect art exhibit that just opened up in Los Angeles. It’s got everything from his USC days all the way through his murder trial. We’re talking any and all things O.J.: 

More than 20 years after the so-called Trial of the Century, an art exhibit examines the public’s enduring fascination with former footballer O.J. Simpson through memorabilia that circulated during his sensational arrest and murder trial.

At the Coagula Curatorial Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, the “The O.J. Museum” features artwork, clothing, newspapers and magazines about the case.

“This is dedicated to the fan culture, the public’s obsession with O.J. as a hero and an anti-hero,” said the show’s curator, Adam Papagan.

As if we haven’t had enough already.

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