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Here’s how much you’re dropping for a Vegas Raiders PSL

The new Vegas Raiders stadium hasn’t even broken ground yet, but they already know how much cash you’re going to need to drop in order to get season tickets for the 2020 season. Remember, PSLs are just money you spend for the right to buy season tickets, not the price of the tickets itself. And just like in every other new stadium, you’re going to be breaking the bank.


Badain confirmed that the average cost of a PSL will be just less than $4,000 per seat, saying prices “will range from much lower than that to much higher than that.” How much you pay depends largely on how good your seats are — the closer you get to the field, the more money you can expect to shell out.

At an average of $4,000 per license, a family of four would spend $16,000 for the right to buy Raiders season tickets. That one-time expense does not include the annual cost of the season tickets. At the Oakland Coliseum this year, season ticket prices range from $330 for upper deck seats in the end zone to $1,725 for club seats near the 50-yard line, although season seats are sold out.

The Vegas high rollers will be all over this.

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Four years ago today, Conor McGregor was paid $24,000 for his fight against Max Holloway. He'll make minimum of $40,000 A SECOND vs Floyd.

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