Floyd Mayweather Plans On Partying The Entire Week Before He Fights Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has done a good job of taking advantage of this massive ass fight to promote his brand new strip club, Girl Collection. I feel like every morning I wake up and scroll through IG I see 10+ videos promoting this thing. Then he deletes them and does it again the next night.

He knows he’s got eyes on him and he’s profiting off it, I can’t blame him. That’s business 101. Now he’s going even further. He’s spending every night from now until the Monday after the fight getting his party on. That’s the kind of confidence this man has heading into next Saturday. Strippers on top of strippers on top of strippers for like 11 nights straight. Is he drinking? Who knows, I can’t imagine that would be smart. But he’ll definitely be swimming in strippers until further notice.

Now all we need is for Conor to make an appearance one of these nights to see who can out-make-it- rain the other.

Too bad he’s skipping out on the sex

How I imagine Floyd’s hotel room the night before the fight