An Anonymous Bettor Put $880,000 On Mayweather To Beat McGregor


You want to see someone drop their balls on the table in Vegas for the Mayweather-McGregor super fight? Well check out this anonymous bettor who casually put $880,000 on Floyd Mayweather yesterday.

That’s $880,000 to win only $160,000 with a total payout of over a million. BALLS.

Whoa! The money is starting to come in on @FloydMayweather at the @southpointlv. Biggest bet in Vegas yet? @VSiNLive

— Mitch Moss (@MitchMossRadio) August 11, 2017

According to ESPN, the bet actually had to be split up into two different tickets because it was so much:

The original ticket showed only a $120,000 profit, instead of the correct $160,000 that would come from the wager. The misprint was caused by a rule in South Point’s bookmaking system that does not permit payouts of greater than $1 million, according to sportsbook director Chris Andrews. The total payout, should Mayweather prevail, would be $1.04 million.

The book rewrote two separate bets for $440,000 each to rectify the issue.

After all those early bets came in for McGregor when the fight was originally announced, we’re now starting to see the high rollers come in and even that out on Floyd. And even though Floyd is a major favorite, it still takes giant nuts to throw down close a million on this thing. One lucky punch could send that cash right down the drain.

Just took $880,000 on Mayweather.

— Chris Andrews (@andrewssports) August 11, 2017

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