Redskins Rookies Dinner Bill: $22,159

via IG/jus_showoff
Things are pretty good right now for the Washington Redskins. They’re 3-4, on a bye week and don’t have to go get beat by the Patriots until November 8. That means there was time Tuesday night to schedule Redskins Rookie Dinner, the annual event around the NFL where rookies take out teammates and grab the massive tab.
Defensive rookies Deshazor Everett, Corey Crawford, Preston Smith, and Kyshoen Jarrett were left with the damage, including two $5 Shirley Temples. It’s OK, the guys can pay it. Don’t feel sorry for them.
This isn’t the first rookie dinner bill of 2015. 49ers rookie Mike Davis got slapped with an $1,800 bill during training camp. That’s how you know Mike was going to make the team.
You might also remember 2014 when then Eagles OL Evan Mathis played a prank on the Internet by creating a fake rookie dinner bill that caused people to lose their minds.


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