Ahh, Now Kim Kardashian Comes Clean….On That Sham Wedding To Kris Humphries











Ahh, NOW Kim Kardashian tells us she didn’t even want to marry Kris Humphries, who is actually still playing in the NBA, back in 2011 when these two stayed together for 72 days — long enough to shoot a few stupid episodes of her stupid show.
NOW I learn Kim didn’t even want the wedding…after I spent time shopping for a wedding present for the couple. AND MONEY! Then she goes and donates the gifts to charity. I didn’t even get to choose the charity, but I’m not going to bust too many balls on the napkin I bought going to some Hollywood shelter.
From the Hollywood Reporter:

But the night before the nuptials, Kardashian already was having doubts about the marriage.
“There was all this attention on the wedding, and I thought maybe it was just the pressure of the show giving me this anxiety,” she says in The Hollywood Reporter’s cover story. “My friends told me I just had cold feet, but even the producers said, ‘You don’t seem happy. You don’t have to go through with this.'”
Even her mom, Kris Jenner, tried to talk her out of going through with it, she reveals.
“The night before, my mom pulled me aside, off camera, and was like, ‘This isn’t it for you. Why don’t you go away and I’ll handle it?’ I felt like, if I pulled out now, everyone’s going to think I just did it for the show.”
She wanted to end the marriage soon after but was being advised not to.

What a shame. I mean, think of all that money both of these idiots made off the wedding and 72 days of content they created. Hell, here’s Kim giving THR even more content six years later. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT.
By the way, I got in on that gravy train by buying the couple a napkin off their super high-end registry. Turns out that the napkin is not the most expensive wedding gift I’ve bought for a celebrity couple. I also have to note that ‘Kim’ — 99.5% sure it was one of her assistants — sent a personal thank you note even after what I said on the gift note.

The beautiful wedding gift note I sent to the couple:

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