This Old Boy In Jacksonville Punched A Bouncer, Walked Out On Tab, Gets Dropped Like A Sequoia

Does a tree make a sound if it’s dropped by 3 Taser blasts on a Jacksonville Beach street? Yes it does. Just watch that video. Doesn’t even begin to stop that guy from saying he’s not resisting. Just stands there.
Let’s go to CBS-Jacksonville for the full story:

Jacksonville Beach police used a Taser, a baton and four sets of handcuffs to arrest a man accused of punching a bouncer and walking out on his $235 bar tab on Sunday.
Facebook video of the takedown outside Surfer [the Bar] on 1st Street North is leading some beachgoers to question why the use of force was necessary in the first place, since Christopher Alan White did not appear combative when a Jacksonville Beach Police Department officer deployed the first Taser.

Yes, Christopher Alan White is a Florida Man from Crescent City, Florida. You don’t think a guy who’s able to take a Taser like that is from Indiana, right?

Like taking down a wild bull!

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