West Virginia Seem Ready To Play School…Just Kidding











I’m still not sure how anyone that goes to West Virginia ends up with a diploma. Students moved in this weekend and….those of you who’ve been around here for a few years know it’s one of the biggest party weekends at the school. It’s the weekend where bros bust out the banners they’ve been thinking about for months.
And then everyone gets a pic with the banners.
And moms are welcomed with open arms.
Hell, even dads are sought out by the wild West Virginia girls who are looking for a good time.
Your nightmare scenario: Your son or daughter comes to you and tells you he/she wants to go to West Virginia and you have to watch the money you’ve been saving over 20 years go up in bong smoke or down a 20 foot beer bong.
I’m sure some students end up with quality educations. You’ll be fine.
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