Poor Kyrie Irving Can’t Please LeBron in This Parody of Eminem’s ‘Stan’

You know what Cavaliers fans need right now? Absolute silence on everything team related — no Kyrie, no LeBron, no Kardashians… but sadly that isn’t going to happen today with Chris Sheridan tweeting that The King is “100 percent leaving”:

Good news: this latest LeBron leaving rumor has since been challenged by Cleveland.com’s Joe Vardon. Bad news: It’s just another sign that points towards LeBron’s eventual exit.

And if that’s not enough for today, some genius parodied Eminem’s “Stan” and substituted in the major drama between Kyrie and LeBron. Quite funny for anyone outside of Cleveland (specifically LA and Boston), demoralizing for everyone who thought this team had a potential two-three ring run in them.

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