Buy This 1988 Phillie Phanatic Creeper Van — Just $2,800

via Craigslist
In a total upset, the best tailgating vehicle we’ve seen this offseason isn’t some Ohio State or Steelers ride, but this Phillies Phanatic 1988 Ford Econoline van, which is on the market for the steal price of $2,800 (OBO).
According to the owner Craig, the Phanatic van was supposedly used by the Phanatic to travel to games back in the day (or recently, who knows?) and has logged 162,400 miles.
via Craigslist
Yes. The Phillies may be so bad these days that ESPN forgets they’re in the NL East, but this is a nice buy low situation — Additional details from the ad:

Get a piece of Philadelphia history. This is the phillie Phanatic van that was used by the phanatic to travel to the games.
1. 1988 Ford econline 150
1. Second row seating
2. Has a lot of room
3. Currently has 162,400 miles
4. Runs very good.
5. Carpeted floor to ceiling and great for tailgating.
7. You will be the talk of the town with this ride!

Point No. 7 is a no doubter. People will either think you’re the biggest Phils fan ever or a mega creep, no middle ground.
via Craigslist
via Craigslist

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