Olivia Munn Shoving It In Aaron Rodgers’s Face, Ric Flair In Bad Shape & Tebow Drilled



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Little League World Series softball or Yankees-Mets Subway Series? Sounds like a good day to listen to music and enjoy the fading days of summer. Or listen to birds chirp. Maybe read a book. Or talk to your neighbors over a cold ice tea. Just a perfect day to do something really innocent.

Olivia Munn just shoving it in Aaron’s face

Ric Flair in bad shape, needs your prayers

MMAer Paige VanZant does some dancing

Detroit Red Wings vs. white supremacists 

Tebow drilled with fastball to the head

This has to be the Florida Man arrest of the weekend…so much ground to cover here

Local weather: It’s going to be BLAZING HOT in Providence this week

Here’s Kait from Arizona State!

LeBron James Jr. Pass Off The Backboard Video of the Week

LeBron James Jr. with the pass off the backboard to Hassan Whiteside.


— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) August 14, 2017

Burger of the Day

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