Katrina Bowden For Your Thursday, White House Love Child & Chris Paul’s Selling His House


i've never been in love but i imagine this is what it's like

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TNT has the PGA Championship….thank god it’s not on FS1. That gets rolling at 1 EST. There’s also a bunch of preseason games including Brock Osweiler’s home debut in Cleveland. Maybe LLWS is your thing…there are multiple regional games starting at 11 a.m. and going well into the night. My prediction: There’s going to be one great fan fight video to come out of the night from one of those preseason games.

Katrina Bowden to get your Thursday rolling

We have our very first Trump White House love child! Wild times!!

Vick loses sex with his wife over Kaep comments

OJ’s Bronco goes on ‘Pawn Stars’ — had no idea that show was still on

Buy Chris Paul’s L.A. house — $2.2 million

Vancouver seagull loves making live local TV shots

This weirdo Florida Man goes on coke fueled 100 mph drive in Corvette

Here’s Brianna from Florida

Ric Flair Starting A Nuclear Holocaust Video of the Day

Your Moment of Flair…things are escalating rather quickly…Ric has challenged Kim Jong Un to a match…WOOOOOO pic.twitter.com/6zeCVl6dWA

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