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I survived the Au Sable Busch canoe trip that was definitely an endurance test

This was year two for myself and @chris_burns65 on the Au Sable Endurance Canoe Trip and this year we talked Busch into sponsoring the 18-mile fun fest that includes two nights in one of the nicest cabin rentals you’re going to find in Mio, MI. 23 people. Too many jugs of vodka. Debauchery. Blow up doll. 8 hours on the river. It’s the perfect primer for football tailgating. It gets me right for the fall. You have to pace yourself. You have to be committed to the activity. You have to realize your feet are going to be wrecked. Same with your ankles. And your knees. 

And then you get home and rest up on Sunday before getting back to blogging. Feels great to be back in the saddle instead of my ass on an aluminum seat.

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