Browns Fan Wins Preseason Week 1 With These Brock Osweiler Lobster Shorts


Nothing is for certain in the NFL, but Brock Osweiler ending up on one of these depressing Browns quarterback jerseys has to be the lock of the century — especially with the DeShone Kizer hype ready to hit overdrive:

However, not everyone in Cleveland is ready to burn Brock just yet. Case in point: This die hard who hit preseason Week 1 in these custom Brock Lobster shorts:

This is what you call dedication, #Browns fans. (CC: @bosweiler17)

— Spencer Davies (@SpinDavies) August 10, 2017

Laugh all you want, but I’d bet a fair number of people — probably outside of Houston — would rock these.

"Brock Lobster" #Browns

— Spencer Davies (@SpinDavies) August 10, 2017

[H/t Fansided]

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