Elizabeth Hurley At It Again On IG, UK Football Player Gets Ride From Cop & Trampoline Dodgeball On The Ocho


nine pm sunsets . . . @hazel_boutique #ucfztasummers

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Buckle up…you get Texans-Panthers tonight on NFL Network at 7:30. Twitter will act like this is the Super Bowl. The McCaffrey love will be thick. There’s also LLWS regional action. Georgia is in the southeast region finals today at 3 on ESPN. Remember that kid who hit the 375 foot dong? He’s on Georgia’s team.

Elizabeth Hurley is at it again on IG

Phil Spector has a new jail photo…minus the hair

Harlem Globetrotters make this trick shot from helicopter

UK football player catches ride with cop to practice

Trampoline dodgeball on The Ocho….watch THIS!

Old codger Pat Robertson thinks the world’s going to end because MSNBC’s #1

This Florida Woman has an interesting name

Here’s Bailey from UCF

Ric Flair Motivational Speech of the Day

Your Moment of Flair….Ric sends a message to supreme leader Kim Jong-un pic.twitter.com/ouD8R4Sqik

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