Chandler Parsons Does Everything Possible To Ruin Blake Griffin’s Flight


Among all the things that Chandler Parsons is, apparently he’s also the WORST person to fly with. It started last week when he posted an IG story on a flight with him and his buddies. The whole time his friends are trying to sleep, Chandler is just TORTURING them. He’s he’s waking them up, he’s opening the blinds, he’s just being the worst travel partner ever.

And now he has taken his flight terror to his buddy Blake Griffin, where he does whatever it takes to as annoying as possible. I mean whatever it takes. Slapping his phone to the floor, taking his shoes off (those are the worst kind of people ever), sticking his fingers in Blake’s water.

Maybe this is why United screwed him that one time.

This was last week’s plane terror

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